How To Plant Trees

Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball to allow the roots to spread out.


Educate Yourself

Trees restore degraded land, relieve poverty, and foster biodiversity. They bring back life,...


What You Should Do!

Stop Thermal & Nuclear investments
Invest more in Wind & solar power
Participate our One Billion tree Plantation campaign
Let’s plant more plants for your any occasions.
Protest cutting trees
Stop burn garbage - there is things to do lot
Never encourage to drink in plastic cups
Try to Use more public transport
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Target Plants

Target Reached

Green Trust Video

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Coastal Area Development

"Through our Billion Tree Plantation program,we have also started the COASTAL AREA DEVELOPMENT
that is we are planting many trees accros the coastal areas of India which we have started on
17-09-2011 from Kantepalli , Nellore. Andhra Pradesh and we continue the process upto the north."

Current News

Go green , through our BILLION TREE PLANTATION program. In this regard we step forword for ...
  6th April 2011
Also we are planting trees at temples, churches,...
  6th July 2011
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Protect Ozone Layer

The protective ozone layer over the Arctic has thinned this winter to the lowest levels since ,...

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Save Walls
Advertising is a public announcement to inform people to buy a product, a service or an idea.Let us all stop advertising on walls and Save our walls... Read More

Plastic Burning and Hazzards

According to studies by the Plastic Development Council under the department of Chemicals and...

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Save Water
As our population grows, more and more people are using up this limited resource. Therefore, it is important that we use our water wisely and not waste it... Read More

Missing Footpath

Indian code for the Pedestrian Facilities 5- IRC 103-1988, recommends following norms: Footpath on...

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Safe Cultivation
Horticulture is the industry and science of plant cultivation including the process of preparing soil for the planting of seeds, tubers, or
cuttings.Read More

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1. Protect nature and protest pollution
2. Billion Tree Plantation - BTP
3. Protest cutting trees
4. Advice shops, not to use Plastic Price Tags
5. Protest Burning camphor along with its plastic covering
6. Advice shops not fire in front of shops at the time of closing
7. Stop using plastic bags/ cups
8. Avoid plastic flags in political campaign
9. Pledge to Authority for Foot path faculty
10. Pledge to Authority for Under ground drain
11. BORDERING WHOLE INDIA - Since 17th Sep-2011 we started Forest development at Coastal area, this is On going Process.
12. Pledge to Authority for more in passenger Train Transport facility
13. Pledge to Authority for city bus transport using Solar, and electric energy.
14. Stop Wall Posters of Cinema and others
15. Advice to Citizens to use of Solar and wind energy.

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